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PP Fabric Bags

PP is also known as polypropylene. It is one of the most common types of thermoplastic material produced by the process of polymerization of propylene. Moreover, PP considers as the most popular choice for packaging purposes in the industries globally. To produce PP fabric bags, manufacturers extrude plastic film and then sketch them into filaments, which convert into warp and weft style (woven) into large sheets. After the process, the resulting fabric will use to create different products like woven bags, geotextile fabrics, container bags, etc. PP fabric manufacturers usually adopt techniques to counter the fraying and provide the structural integrity of the bag.

Advantages of PP Fabric Bags

As we know, polypropylene is the right choice for packing purposes because of its vast exceptional qualities and properties. PP is the only plastic that is nontoxic; it has 100% durable and useable property. Some essential advantages of PP fabric bags are:

  • PP bags have non-staining capability
  • Easy to use and clean to avoid any hygienic problem
  • It has antibacterial property due to which it is safe and secure for food items as well.
  • These fabric bags have low density, due to which they consider as lightweight and breathable bags.
  • PP bags are highly recommended by the manufacturers because it is waterproof and protect the item from moisture.
  • Many industries prefer PP fabric bags because of their economic and easily available property.
  • They have reusable property as well.

Types of PP Fabric BagsPP Strap Manufacturer

As the packaging have different types according to the material and products, PP woven bag also has categories according to the material; some are the following:

Traditional and Standard are Woven PP Fabric Bags

It is usually available in white or colored plastic. It can customize according to customer requirements. It carries almost 5-50kg products in which agricultural products, flour, sugar, rice, chemicals, raw materials, seafood, and animal feed are included.

PP Bag with Bottom Splint

This PP bag contains one layer of PP fabric with bonding plastic. The bags are glued with PP strips and folded and sewed with the cotton thread and brace. The color can customize according to customer requirements.

Laminated File Woven Bags

Laminated Film PP bags come with BOPP film or BOPP gravure seal. Its bottom folds with sewing, and the mouth is open. The ends of this bag are folded with a PP splint and sewed with the cotton thread. It can be printed and comes in various colors; the images and color can have customized.

PP Fabric Bags with the Bottoms

These PP bags contain only one layer of PP woven fabric covered with pp bonding plastic. Both ends of the bags are covered with the rectangular pp adhesive. It presents in the form of a block. It has just a one-way principle, which is self-closing.

Best Manufacturer and Supplier of PP Fabric Bags

With the gradually increasing awareness in the people about the care and protection of the environment, products become the most challenging, these challenges faced by the industries globally. For the packaging industry, polypropylene is become the most delicate blessing due to its various advantages and also meeting the environmental protection factors. In Karachi, Fazal & Sons plays an essential role in environmental protection and security by doing the PP recycling process and producing a large number of PP fabric bags every month. These PP woven bags are incredible in strength and providing options for customization to their customers.

They bring design experts and innovators together to create and recreate fresh ideas with pocket-friendly packages and customize efficient processes. Fazal & Sons is known as the best PP fabric manufacturer in Pakistan due to their creative and diverse solutions, which meet the client requirements globally.