Benefits of Recycled PP Strap

Recycled PP strap

The word strapping is also known as banding or bundling; in this process, a strap applies to an item to hold or reinforce it. The method of strapping most widely uses in the packaging industry. PP strap is mostly used for dunking, palletizing, etc. Polypropylene Strapping is the most well-known and common method because it has various properties like tensile strength, elasticity, and tension loss in many applications without any failure. PP strap is always found in dull and standard colors like yellow, white, black, and blue. It is a very economical way of strapping for shipping or any other purpose.

Its longitudinal direction is easy to tear, and the gravity point is lower than the PET strap. The amazing capability of the PP strap is it afloat on the water surface. It comes in various thicknesses, diameter, and tensile strength, which depends on the item’s volume. It can be secure from heat. the different advantage of the PP strap are:

  • Strong breaking strain
  • Controlled and managed elongation
  • A good range for brands of machines
  • Protected from the friction of heat and metal seal
  • Easily print anything on the strap.

Process and Benefits of Recycles Strap

PP Strap Manufacturer

According to the American chemistry council, Polypropylene is the least recycled plastic form with a rate of 1%, which is bad news for the environment. Due to the short life of PP, mostly pp landfills are wasted. So the PP strap recycling process contains various steps like the collection, sorting and analysis, cleaning, reforming by heating, and producing a very new product from recycled PP strap. The melting and creating of new products are known as the most important step of the PP recycling process.

The power of PP recycling is that its products are less solid waste than other plastics like PET, PS, and PVC, so there are lots of applications available for Polypropylene such as paint cans, pallets, battery cases, home accessories, etc.


  • It is environmentally friendly because only 88% reduction of energy usage occurred when plastic produced plastic by itself. So pp strap recycling is beneficial.
  • It has a flexibility factor that allows it to be recycled in other products, including industrial fibers, home accessories, clothing fibers, etc.
  • For the workers, PP strapping is easier than steel strapping, which required protective eyewear and gloves.
  • Polypropylene strap is easy to use for both inexperienced and experienced people.
  • It can be printed as per the consumer’s demands.
  • Use in every industry due to pocket-friendly feature, widely used in electrical, clothing, fisheries, and pharmaceuticals industries.

Companies Provide PP Strap Recycling

The packaging is the most essential and reputable thing to do in business. So for every business, there is necessary that they have the proper equipment and products to meet the global standard of packaging and branding. Fazal and Sons is a Pakistan based company who are trying to apply innovative ways for recycling polypropylene straps. With the advancement of technology, Global brands are increasing their demands for the recycling process and products. The market for recycling PP is growing continuously.

But in this growing industry of recycling, Fazal and Sons is trying to put their best to enhance the journey of PP recycling and adopting new technologies with advanced processes. They produce almost 100 tons of high-quality straps for recycled every month, which helps them to create safe and secure products. It is more reasonable than other packing material. The motive of Fazal and Sons is: to produce high-quality products and services, which helps productivity, increase workplace safety, and promote the thought of environmental care.

So if you are looking for PP strap recycling, then get in touch with Fazal and Sons. They have experts to guide for tools and materials of recycling process of Polypropylene straps.