PP Strap Roll Manufacturer

PP Strap Roll

PP strap roll is the most common and well-known plastic strapping. Still, in the growing industry, the PP strapping band is far better than Strap PET due to its properties: elasticity, high tensile strength, and tension loss in various applications without any failure. The recognition of PP strap roll is very common because it comes in general colors, and it looks dull and usual. It is manufactured with the capabilities of heat bearing and buckle, which depends on its volume. Mainly there are only two types of strapping are available in plastic, which is:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester

PP Strapping

It is known as the most useable and common type of plastic strapping tape, which is available in various sizes, tensile strength, and diameter as per your requirement.PP strapping tape is usually applied manually along with the buckles or with the automated machines. It can stretch almost 25% when it is using on any product. Sometimes it becomes sensitive and acts negatively due to elevated temperatures.

Uses of Polypropylene Strap Roll

Polypropylene has various uses, but some exceptional and versatile services are following.

  1. It can use in printing material like newspapers, magazines, etc.
  2. It is very common in Millwork, e.g., mouldings, bannisters processes, etc.
  3. It is used in the flooring process, in hardwoods, laminates, etc.
  4. To carry appliances and clothing parcels.
  5. In the distribution process of foods and any grocery stores
  6. It is very common in pharmaceutical stores to hold drugs and distribute them to the centers.
  7. It involves the hay baling process.

PP Strap Manufacturer

PET Strapping 

Polyester strapping tapes consider as the most rigid, durable, and strongest plastic strapping in the industry. But at the cost level, it is higher than polypropylene strapping, and it is lower than steel strapping. It proves best as an alternative to steel strapping and would be the best choice for heavy shipments. It also works best for the oddly loads like sharper corners, sticking out the random points, and funky angles. The unusual angle of polyester is it provides exceptional tension with the recovery capability. It also can have recycled like PP strap tape.

Uses of PET Strapping

  1. It is incredible when you are making heavy-duty shipments.
  2. It works for odd loads like sharper corners etc.
  3. It used in bricks
  4. It used to carry tiles
  5. It works as pallets for bottles and cans.
  6. It proves remarkable for stabilizing.


Factors to Choose Polypropylene Strapping Tape

The first and most crucial factor in choosing material for yourself is the product dimensions, in which size, width, weight are included.

The second factor in choosing strapping tape is the shipping distance, on which you can choose according to the transport movements.

Possible tensile strength because it is necessary that the tape can be breakable for the consumer.

Always focus on PP strapping tape methodswhich could be semiautomatic or fully automatic, or it could be manual; it totally depends on your delivery product’s size or quantity.


So this is all about, now it’s up to you that with the provided information. Which pp strap should be your first poly choice, depends on your needs and requirements. In Karachi, if you worry about the manufacturer of PP strapping tape, you are in the right place because Fazal and Sons are considered the most well-known and trustable Polypropylene strapping manufacturer, which gives you an amazing option of PP strap recycling services as well. So now for choosing strapping will be easy for you. Now select the right choice for you before you regret it!