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Pp strap local it’s a recycled material for packing and have low cost price than other polypropylene packing material. We are produce approx. 100 ton per month high quality of strap in this vast recycled field. It is an ideal solution for low
cost packing materiaLand make product save and secure.


  • Less expensive than imported pp strap.
  • Can be used by hand or machine.
  • Can be handle tightly in some cases.
  • Can be print on demand.
  • Size available 10mm-16mm.
  • Widely used in textiles sector, fisheries, ceramics, food, pharmaceuticals, auto motorcycles, electrical appearance .





Virgin Polypropylene are used in production of PP strap, stable mechanical and physical properties of products, uniform weight per meter, stable strap thickness, skewness of product does not exceed 15mm/meter; good overall performance.


Widely used in Auto & Motorcycle, Food, Pharmaceutical, Electrical Appliances,
Electronic, Light Industries, etc.



Quality is a collection of powerful tools and concepts that are proven to increase customer satisfaction, reduce cycle time and cost, and eliminate errors and rework. Quality is the focal point of our company at every stage of manufacturing process from our experienced team work and latest technology. We use 100% pure polypropylene for making the quality finer.


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Bardana is a type of packaging material that is widely used for transporting goods across the globe. At Fazal & Sons, we use high-quality polypropylene to

PP Laminated Sheets are widely used in the packaging industry for their excellent strength, durability, and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Pp woven bag is plastic bag made from pure polypropylene widely used for textile sector, fertilizers plant, rice, poultry feed, branded products

PP Strap is an ideal packing solution for the most varied sector of industries to product safe and sound.

A reasonable proportion of polypropylene is recycled from major industries, but a significant proportion is still dumped into landfills.

Polypropylene Woven Fabric (PP Woven Fabric) is a strong fabric that serves as dependable and economical packaging option for variuous industries