Polypropylene woven bags manufacturer

Polypropylene Woven Bags

Polypropylene is a material that has indispensable quality. It is a thermoplastic polymer used to make various materials and applications like packaging and labelling, reusable containers, laboratory equipment, etc.

Polypropylene is also used in woven bags; it has the quality to produce the best polypropylene bags, not just in the packaging industry but also in other industrial fields. Polypropylene has a high growth rate other than any human-made fiber. It maintains more than twice the growth rate than other fibres. In the market, polypropylene woven bags have a more significant share than nylon and polyester. It is one of the most leading synthetic fiber using in the textile industry nowadays.

Now the question is why polypropylene is best as compared to other fibers? The gravity of polypropylene has the lowest gravity, which is 0.91; this quality makes it more prominent due to its lightest weight among all other fibers.

Benefits of Polypropylene Woven Bags


• It has lightweight, suitable to use in bulk, and use for cover purposes.
• Easy to wash and have the quick dry capability as well.
• Size can be customized according to the need.
• Low in cost, among all the fiber bags.
• Good resistance to oil, stain, and sunlight.
• Polypropylene woven bags goods to carry food items like rice, sugar, and floor.’


PP Woven Bags

PP Woven Bags

Polypropylene used for various purposes, but the most common and essential uses of PP fibers are given below:

Use in Agricultural Product Packaging’s

The most common use of PP is to carry agricultural products like grain, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. In the farming industry, polypropylene has various woven bags according to products like feed PP, woven bags, fertilizer, chemical PP woven bags, etc.


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During Travelling and Tourism

Different travel bags, tents and sunshades used during travel, also made by polypropylene woven fabric.


Food Packaging and Storing

The most notable and significant use of PP woven bags is pack food, including rice woven bags, maize, and grain pp with woven bags.

In Regular Use

Polypropylene bags are ubiquitous and easy to find, it can be accessible for almost everyone, whether they are farmers, workers, cargo agents, etc. Plastic bags can also see during shopping, in stores and warehouses, etc.


Use in Flood Control Products

PP woven bags play a very significant and vital role in preventing the disastrous effects of the flood. They are mostly used during the construction of dams, banks, rivers, railways, and stations. These woven and sandbags are widely using globally.


Polypropylene Bags Manufacturer

The main motive of FAZAL&SONS is to give customers satisfaction and provide them high-quality PP fiber products. We are using the latest technology and machinery to make the manufacturing process easy and reliable. Recently we are providing various polypropylene fiber products, which are the following:

• PP woven bags
• PP straps
• PP bags
• PP woven cloths and fabric
• PP recycled straps.




Polypropylene woven bags become the necessity of life. Almost everyone uses it daily. Still, if you are worried about finding the best and designed woven bags, then FAZAL&SONS allows you to get your favourite and customized PP fiber products in Karachi as per your need and requirements. They also reuse the PP products to create an innovative approach and provide it to their customer as per their wish.