Fazal & Sons manufactures diversified specializedexpertise, innovative thinking and value added products, to meet thecritical specification of varied global industries. Within the polypropylene sector of bags and cloth industry since 2004


To become market leader by the year 2018 through an enhanced product range covering the growing demand of local and export markets.


To provide all our customers with high quality products, competitive price & customer satisfaction with firm commitment to preserve the environment for our society.

Why Choose Us

Fazal & Sons understands the core manufacturing process rehabilitating the actual purpose of its application and providing the prescribed solutions. The unique tailored way of packaging provides credential and support to your organization.


We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.


We have over 42,000 granted patents, which means we have one of the industry's strongest portfolios. Our global team of researchers is constantly improving today’s technology.

Network Society

Real-time connectivity – from connected cars to personal wearables to smart grid technology – is fundamentally changing the way we innovate, collaborate and produce.

Machine Intelligence

Enable creation of intelligent products and services using Machine Intelligence. Explore, innovate and develop Machine Intelligence-based applications and infrastructures.