Ready to Use or Customized Solutions

We strive to be a value-driven leader through responsive field support, application engineering and technological innovations. Our goal is to continuously improve our systems to meet your speed and efciency requirements, while simultaneously reducing your overall costs. We have spent quality time after developing a reputation for innovation, quality, and excellent customer services
since years. Fazal & Sons understands the core manufacturing process rehabilitating the actual purpose of its application and providing the prescribed solutions. The unique tailored way of packaging provides credential and support to your organization, triangulating performance, economy and safety to our clients. Fazal & Sons manufactures diversified specialized expertise,innovative thinking and value added products, to meet the critical specification of varied global industries. Within the polypropylene sector of bags and cloth industry since 2004, Fazal & Sons has attained 14 glorious years of manufacturing experience with polyprpylene woven bags and fabrics.

& Scope

The analysis phase is all about setting up the project for success. Next, you define a scope. Understand the design challenge.


The design phase involves benchmarking, prototyping, and testing. During this phase, you want to test your ideas before you build them.


The specification phase is an important step that helps you focus on creating learning experiences for your specific learner.


To become market leader by the year
2018 through an enhanced product
range covering the growing demand
of local and export markets.


To provide all our customers with
high quality products, competitive
price & customer satisfaction with
firm commitment to preserve the
environment for our society.


Ready to Use or Customized Solutions

We are commited to provide total customised solutions to our customers. Every aspect of size, color, material and design can be customised to suit the different packaging applications of our customers. We can tailor our products to meet the requirements and specifications of our clients to provide the most suitable packaging solution fo rthem. we undertake customised printing on our bags with artwork supplied to us by clients. Customers located in the newarby vicinity can avail the possibility of minimum carry over stocks and immediate deliveries. Customers can also minimize their stock inventory levels by making long term supply contracts


Quality is a collection of powerful tools and concepts that are proven to increase customer satisfaction, reduce cycle time and cost, and eliminate errors and rework. Quality is the focal point of our company at every stage of manufacturing process from our experienced team work and latest technology. We use 100% pure polypropylene for making the quality finer.


Use Browser Stack to test in different environments, but if the project needs to run on a touch screen device, you should test it on the actual device.


Browser Stack can help you to quickly test your course on different operating systems and browsers.

Try to break your eLearning. This lets you see how your course performs beyond the specified number of concurrent users.

Test different languages to ensure they have been translated correctly.



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